Hanging Travel Maps

Hanging Travel maps

The Most Amazing Large Travel Maps

The Largest Push Pin Travel Maps available printed on archival canvas.

 Large push pin travel map

What is a hanging travel map? 

This is the largest push pin travel map you will ever need...perhaps it is. These travel maps are custom printed and designed here in our Carolina map shop. We print these amazing push pin maps on a blended type or archival canvas.  Once printed, these large travel maps are mounted on two reclaimed oak that we acquire from a mill in North Carolina. 

The map is sandwiched between the wood bars with our hand stained  oak.  We mix and each of our own custom colors. This  hand staining allows some of the wood grain to show through the wood and keeps the grain of the wood visible. Each hanging map includes a cast iron hanger, brass name plate and cotton cord for hanging. It will arrive to you ready to display on your wall.

These are some of the most unique push pin travel maps available. The do not need to be framed and allow for very large and detailed maps of the world.   They work great with push pins as the canvas is tight and the pins will not fall out. The wooden bars will hold the canvas off the wall about 1/2" so the pins do not go into your wall. These push pin travel maps also have the added benefit of be portable since they can roll up if needed and the pins do not have to be removed.