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Customer Testimonials

AMAZING! Love the map and the hanging boards are just fantastic. Exceeded my expectations. PERFECT for my office, love coming to work and seeing it every day. Thank you!

Mark R.

Great customer service from beginning to end. It took a few months before we finally moved into our new home and made the final decisions on our two maps. They assisted us from the beginning, even before we were ready to place the order. The final products were even better than expected. We are so excited to have these custom products in our home.

G. Calico

This really was a wonderful experience...the owners provided exceptional customer service in helping me select a print that went perfectly with my decor and style. I really got an interior design service packaged along with the custom printed roll up map and mantle. Worth every penny.

T. M.

This map is great quality and BEAUTIFUL and I love the customized family name that was added. This is the main focal point when you enter our home and already a talking point for us and visitors. Absolutely love. Thank you for making this for my home!

Cody B.

This is probably the most impressive purchase I've made on Etsy. Everything about this map and the framing system far exceeded my expectations.... even though I was expecting it to be awesome! The frame bars and included hook are heavy duty and beautiful, the map is printed on lovely canvas. Super high quality work-- than you!!

J. P.
large map of the world


We have been making the best large world maps since 2012.  We design, print and build all our our amazingly detailed maps in our unique map shop in the Upsate of South Carolina. We do not try to sell the most, but we do sell the best. Each map is custom made just for you and will become the focal element in the room it is placed in.  We use solid oak bars, archival canvas and fine art inks for all our large maps.  What can we make for you?

largest world map

Working Hard to Make the Largest Maps

We have been making maps since 2012!  Our products are always changing and getting bigger and better.  It is our goal to provide the largest, most detailed travel maps available. What can we make for you?